Saturday, January 01, 2011

Layla at 21 weeks

Alec and Layla with Santa

Layla and mommy

My dear dad and Layla

Sorry about the following images being so small. I took them from my phone. Well little Layla is quite a sweetheart. We can tell already that she is shy, calm, quiet, and gentle NOT like my boys, which is so refreshing. heehee. She is very angelic, dainty, small and has tiny feet and hands. She is definitely a GIRL. She whines wayyyyyy more than Alec did and Matt says even way more than Bryce or Kaden when they were infants.....even more proves she's a girl.

She is alomst 15 lbs.

Almost 21 weels.

Long and lush dark brown hair.

All smiles.

Belly laughs when tickled.

Sleeps at nightime no problem.

I can hold Layla tight and lay down with her and she will just suck on her binky and fall asleep so easily.


Still exclusively breast feeding and it is going great. I am SO glad I stuck with it.

This baby is the girly vibe we SO needed in our home, besides me.


Layla in my LV.

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Auburn said...

what a darling little girl you have!