Tuesday, January 05, 2010

This baby better appreciate!

I hate being preggo. I love my baby but my body is just not agreeing with this pregnancy....again! BUT my preg with Alec was WAY worse so I am feeling blessed it isn't THAT bad. the zofran is not working al the time. Probably 30% of the time. I am craving certain foods. I am sure it's my body's way of telling me to eat healthier being that all these foods are healthy. Here is what I am craving.

Hard goat cheese

Greek kalamata olives.APPLE JUICE
Cheesy chicken enchilada's with no red sauce. Preferably the ones from Courtney Faerber's Mexican themed rehearsal dinner (yes, I do remember them.)A bed of really organic local mixed greens with mini heirlooms and shaved parmesan. Olive oil and lemon as a dressing.

I know I'm weird.


Courtney said...

HA! you are a funny girl...FYI...those enchiladas are from Julio's Too...there is one on ValVista and Baseline! Happy Eating!

Kasey said...

I can't believe you can eat that pregnant. I'd be ralfing all over! Except the enchaladas. I do like me Mexican when I'm pregnant.